Frame 3 objects loading in Frame 1 - don't know why?

I’m working on a mock project (no real client involved) and just sent the site out to some friends to view and give feedback. All of them saw what I was seeing and said it looked great. One person however, said the site looked like it was loading in weird. He sent me a video of what he was looking at. It seems like the contents of my 3rd frame are already loaded in at frame one and the ones that load in dynamically in frame 3 never come in at all. Lots of things going wrong here. Below is a link to the live site and a link to a zip file containing all working files. Inside the zip is also a couple of video files, one is a video of what the site should look like ( and the other is a video of what my friend was seeing (

Also, the link below shows the site live:

This link is a zip file of all working files: (please keep in mind that I am pretty new to AS3 and realize that my files might not be built in the best way possible - just trying to get it to work at this point)