Wierd Swf loading issue - need help

Hey guys -

So I’ve been developing as3 sites for quite some time. I’m running into a very frustrating issue where I my main site (Main.swf) that is pretty much the controller for the site and has a lot of assets in it. I load all the other swfs into it for the other sections of the site and this seems to work fine.

The problem is I created a swf called Shell.swf which is essentially just a blank swf with a preloader to load Main.swf… This is typically how I create my sites so that I very small filesize swf to preloaded the main site.

On Main.swf there is an intro embedded flv that runs on the timeline and dispatches an event at the end of it. This works fine when testing in Main.swf, but when I run Shell.swf, the intro video never dispatches the event and just loops (even though there’s a stop frame on the last frame) preventing the site from working. There’s no compiler errors or even warnings and I’m getting no where with this. Any ideas anyone? Is there any better solutions people have to preloading their sites?

Thanks in advance!