Frame anchor actionscript from previous frames? - as2


I have a timeline with a bunch of frames. At the beginning of my timeline (frame 2) I have actionscript that makes movieclips that are transparent (alpha 0) visible, and also some rollover and link/button code using a tween class. On frame 3 I have other movies that are visible etc. Frame 3 has stop code, and a frame anchor named “page2”.

For instance for the moviedclip “page_1” I have this code:

#include ""	

page_1.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeoutregular", 1.7);

_root.page_1.onRelease = function() {

The idea is that my movie clips fade in and stop on frame 3. This works great when I test the embedded flash file in my browser.

Now, I want to access frame 3 directly in my browser (by adding “#page2” after the url) and skip the alpha fading stuff.

The issue is that when I go to this url in my browser, everything loads, but the transparent movieclips are not visible. The only thing I can figure is that the alpha fade actionscript is not running because I skipped the frame it’s on (frame 2) and went directly to frame 3?

So finally to my question: is there a way to access or reference frame 2’s code on frame 3 without physically copying all the code I have on frame 1 onto frame 2 (I’ll probably be changing the code and adding to it anyway and using the same stuff in multiple places, so this could quickly get messy!!!? i don’t know enough about actionscript to do this easily.

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!