Frame label variables

i have a button inside an mc which i have told to set i=2 … or another number depending on the button but for the sake of argument … i will be 2 for now. when i = 2 i want the _root timeline to gotoAndPlay frame label 2

so on the main timeline i have an action in a frame that says


whats wrong with this statement …

oh yeah … and inside the mc on the button i have the code


thanks for your help

i can’t understand what you want…


not familiar to me…:q:
if you can send me the file…

it’s an experimental site i’m working on … and since i didn’t know exactly what i was going to do when i started … it’s kind of sloppy as far as the way it’s put together … but once i get the coding working … i’m going to redo it so i can update it much more easily.

anyway … .here’s the files

the purpose is i’m trying to figure out how to do in and out animations for the different button contents … i.e. when the user clicks a button … the old content animates going out and then the new content whatever it is … comes in

I don’t mean to be rude but everything is wrong with this statement :stuck_out_tongue:

[ i] doesn’t mean anything by itself, “[ i]” would be the string [ then letter i then ]

Try this:



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i just uploaded a new version of

and i can’t get the progress bar to work … i know theres a tutorial on kirupa … but i’d like to figure out how to use the one i have instead of going through a tutorial … b/c i like how this one works … so if someone could d/l my fla and help me figure out how to make the component in scene 1 work … i would greatly appreciate it … thanks :slight_smile: