Frame Problems

I recently found a tutorial on a flash typetext effect and applied it to my document.

The problem is: I have two Layers

Layer 2 [] [] [] [] [] [] []
Layer 1 [] [] [] [] [] [] []

the [] represents frames
Say after the animation or whatever finishes playing on Layer 1 frames and i want it to jump to layer 2 and play from the first frame. How would i go about doing that.

I know for a fact if i add an actionscript on the very last frame of Layer 1 that says “go to and play frame 1” on layer 1 Flash will be tricked into thinking its playing frame 1 from layer 1. Very confusing concept. Anybody have any idea ?

The only way to do play by layer is…

Layer 2                     [] [] [] [] [] [] []
Layer 1 [] [] [] [] [] [] []

Right click on the keyframe AFTER the last one in Layer 1 on Lyaer 2 and hit “Insert Blank Keyframe” and start your second animation there.

If you still want to see the end result of Layer 1, Right click on the last frame of Layer 2 on Layer 1 and hit “Insert Frame”

tried that still no go, check the tutorial for the type tool i did it on i think theres some problem when i use this tutorial that i can’t show any other animations

When i try to target a frame it skips the typewriter animation and plays in that frame instead. How do i get it so it plays the typewriter animation at the same time right after the typewriter animation is done play the next animation in a different frame.

I have added a .fla file of what I think you are trying to have happen.

All I did was put your typerwriter effect into a Movie Clip and moved it to the frame after a tween. Check it out and let me know if that was what you needed to know how to do.

hey lostinbeta,
your code is very simple. :slight_smile:
i saw many tutorials in this stuff but it was very hard coding :frowning:

good work man

Well I can’t really take full credit (or any) since tNStealth had already provided a link to a tutorial on it…

thanks lostinbeta, it never occured to me that i could have turned that animation into a movie clip to save all that trouble. Im doing that alot to create a website right now.

It was no problem :slight_smile:

I wish you much luck in the creation of your website :slight_smile:

hmm, ok hey lostinbeta i converted that typeeffect into a movie clip and theres no play button when i select it from my library. I deleted the original and dragged that one from the library to make sure it works and it doesn’t play anything. There isn’t even a play button, any idea?

Did you create your movie clip first, and then add the 3 frames?

Or did you just select the 3 frames and convert them to a symbol?

The first way I described there was the way to add it into movie clip. There will be a play button in the library with this, but it will not play anything since Flash converts the AS through the player.

i selected the layer where i put the movie clip and tried to convert it to a symbol movie didn’t work. Tried the other way create a new movie clip and follow up on the tutorial same thing.

The way I did it was to go to Insert/New Symbol

Then I chose movie clip and it took me to a big white screen where I can edit my symbol.

Then I followed the tutorial and had all 3 frames inside that movie clip.

Worked like a charm.

cool it worked thanks, almost done with the site,

whats the quickest way to merge layers or put everything on one layer because i created so many layers and its going to be tough to create a new layer and position the objects the same as i have it now.

See what i’m trying to do is, get everything into one layer so i can have it do a resize effect before the site appears. Start with a small circle in the middle then expand in a line going horizontally left and right ---------------- then from there the horizontal line expands vertically up and downward while the image begins to appears kinda like if you turn off a tv in the old days you’d see it have a line then it’d snap into the middle then the picture would be gone.

Well if your frame has a tween on it, you can’t merge it with anything, or else you tween will not work.

Any Frames that have just movie clips, or graphics or whatnot on them can be “merged” by right clicking on the object and hitting “cut” then clicking on the layer you want it on, right clicking on the canvas and choosing “paste in place”

An easier way to shrinking things down is to right click in the layer area and add a new folder.

You can drag and drop all your layers into that one folder, and you can minimize that folder, which hides all the layers inside them.