how do i change the framerate of a movie during the movie?

Try adjusting the tween Transitions, if that’s what u mean.

Don’t think it’s possible to change the Frame Rate of the movie, while playing.

um well like slow the movie down…i think i’m sure it’s possible, probably by AS.
anyone else knows?

no AS needed, its dead simple… I don’t know about flash 5, but if your using Flash MX just goto the Document Properties (right-click on a blank space and goto Properties) - there you will find a box that asks for the framerate, just put in the value you want.

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nono…that will slow down the whole movie.

what i mean is probably like at a click of a button, the framerate decreases/increases

Run a search, it was discussed here. You have to use the setInterval function.

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um…sorry, i can’t find it :frowning:
can anyone explain setInterval to me? i tried running a search on it in the flash help, but it seems it only works for functions?
i’m trying to slow down the global framerate and then speed it up again…possible?

“Flash allows for frame rates between 1 and 120. Once set, this global framerate cannot be modified at runtime. FPS Controller allows you to programatically change the framerate of any movieclip in flash.”

get the extension here:

(just in case the link doesn’t work as they use sessions, it’s called
“FPS Controller Extension”)

o k…
but what i mean is like at XiaoXiaoMovie 3 the movie can slow down or speed up or go frame by frame by pressing buttons. how is this done?