Frames per second (fps) / small problem

I have a movie container (fps:30) that load other movie that I want on 20 fps in this movie I have 20 frames on the 2 first frames a preloader and in the next 20 I have one MC with a image sequence, to control the fps of this Movie (MC) I use this code attach to my MC

FPS controler:

_currentframe>=_totalframes? clearInterval(interval) : nextFrame(); 

preloader on my first frame:

bytes_loaded = Math.round(getBytesLoaded()); 
bytes_total = Math.round(getBytesTotal()); 
getPercent = bytes_loaded/bytes_total; 
loadBar._width = getPercent*100; 
loadText = Math.round(getPercent*100)+"%"; 
if (bytes_loaded == bytes_total) { 

**Problem: ** The problem is that in each run of the MC my movie stop for 2 seconds and the loop is not continues, how can I fix this problem
Take a look by your self:

Thank you for any help
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help please!

you cant have two movies running at two different FPS. When you load one movie into another, the movie loaded takes on the FPS of the one its being loaded into

ThanX senocular, but that is why im here (hehehe) I read that I can control FPS making use of ActionScript, becouse the “External movie” has inside a MC that I want to make run at 12 Frames per second, I post the code that can make this posible in the top :sen: but their is a small problem:

:red: [COLOR=Red]Problem: The problem is that in each run of the MC my movie stop for 2 seconds and the loop is not continues, how can I fix this problem[/COLOR]Take a look by your self:

Any ideas how I can solve this problem?, Thank you in advance

:ear: help please

Is it absolutely necessary that the movie you’re loading runs at a different fps rate? I’ve tried the same type of thing with nothing but problems. I might suggest actually changing the number of frames within the movie you are loading to run it at the same number of fps as the movie that is loading it.

Hi JustinM and thank you for stop here!

YEs is important that the movie that Im loading run at 12 FPS becouse is a samll animition frame per frame (pictures) and I can’t add more frames becouse the animation is picture after picture.

It looks like it runs at the slower rate for the first iteration of the loop but then speeds up. If it’s speeding up to the higher fps, then it may be finishing it’s animation before the main movie loops it. If you post the fla, I’ll take a look when I get some extra time.