Specific FPS for a loaded movie

Trying to get a script for a Specific fps for a loaded movie,i.e.
My main movie is 60 fps and my loaded movie is 12 fps and when I play, the loaded movie plays in 60 fps…Is there a way to play the loaded movie in a specific speed (like 12fps rather than 60 fps)…


The loaded movie will always play at the frame rate of the main swf.

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Hi … I gues the simplest way to solve this is to devide slow movie to frames and make every frame 5 frame long…

beside… mane movie 60 fps… I think its too much… 24… 30 is more then sufition.


There is a way. If your main movie runs at 60 fps, you can make an externally loaded swf run at another rate, by loading a silent clip of streamed sound. This results in the movie playing at the rate of the streamed sound (in the new movie). It can be done but is a little fiddly. It depends how bad you need the external movie running at a different speed.

Otherwise KarenInPA is right, child movies run at the same fps as the main movie.


Child movies inherit the fps of the parent movie, but in FlasMX (r u using MX?) u can use the ‘setInterval’ command to run several movies at the same time at different fps:

function gotoNext(){
setInterval(gotoNext, 1000/12);
//divide it by the number of fps, 12 in this example



have a look at this guy:


I didn’t know that was poss. in MX. It’s easier than the method I learnt…


Yeah! the ‘setInterval’ command of Flash MX is VERY powerful,
u can make movies based on time rather than frames (like ‘real’-ha!- games).



I use flash for games, not really for webdesign - I haven’t looked into that possibility (using set.Interval to change the fps). Although for ‘real’ time scenarios it would be handly (as opposed to using [COLOR=blue]getTimer()[/COLOR]).

But most games wouldn’t require that much ‘reality’ and if they did, it wouldn’t be feasable to make it in Flash.


Yes! at last the end of getTimer() once and having to compare with another getTimer() (do I make sense?)

BUT… be careful, ‘setInterval’ generates an infinite loop that u have to remember to kill (or face a big drop in performance).

I agree, don’t think the browser’s plugin could handle a full time
based game but a projector may (don’t know, haven’t worked on a CD for a long time)



why dont you just slow your things down? and i dont see why you need 60fps…the human eye cant even see that…its pointless just uses up more cpu

WOW, I didn’t know you could do that in MX! :open_mouth: … well I am actually a sucker, I am still using 5.

And talking about FPS, I usually use 30, but I do sometimes use 60 for signatures… I think that there is a very clear difference between 30 and 60… but it is not worth it to waste all the CPU if you make a website.

checked out ur site blue_chi…really nice…posibly fit inducing but who cares…nice and imagintive interface :slight_smile: and the music fits in nicly as well :slight_smile: maybe a bit repetive but yeah…its all good :slight_smile: