Framework for CMS (PHP/mySQL)


I haven’t posted in this forum in a while, was hoping to hear a few different opinions as I need to determine if and what framework I should use for an upcoming project.

I’m creating a very basic CMS for a website that shouldn’t be generating an overwhelming amount of traffic.

The CMS will basically consist of giving admin’s the ability to add locations to which will have media/data associated to them.

So for the sake of the conversation let’s use the below bullet points as a rough spec of what I am trying to achieve.

Users - Your basic everyday run of the mill user system. Need to be able to add/delete admin users as well as edit their information. Don’t need anything like user profiles and may even consider just using .htaccess for the CMS if it becomes more work then intended to set a user management system up.

Locations - This will consist of roughly 5 fields in table (title, description, longitude, latitude, id). Simply need to add/update/delete nothing fancy. I would love something that handles validation out-of-the-box, but really doesn’t need to all that complicated.

Media - Think of this as a basic media library in which you can associate to locations. What it will probably be is the option to create a video or photo gallery (which would have a unique id), and the ability to add video’s and photo’s to that gallery. I honestly haven’t giving the set up of this (db structure) too much though yet (although I will be over the next few days) but basically I need to be able to upload video/images through the CMS. Again pretty straight forward, but would be cool if a framework already has a group of classes that handle uploading media (although I’m sure there are tons of libraries online I could use).

I’ve used cakePHP in the past but it was mostly for front end development and haven’t used it in over 3 years. I will probably not write this from scratch, as even if the cakePHP framework simply handles the basics for the controllers, db calls, and views (scaffolding is always attractive). However I’m wondering if there is a better solution for content management as I have honestly only really used php frameworks for generating front end content.

Does anyone has any suggestions on what might be a good solution for a CMS of this nature?