Free 3d modeling program! is the place to get it. I don’t know how to really use it yet, but it seems awesome!!! :rabbit:


from what i have heard from sen it seems to be pretty good 3dapp. I personally havent used it, but free is better than nothing and the open source is welcomed for many people out there since there will always be updates in the future. I might give it a go one day. :stuck_out_tongue:

wow. it says you can make games in it! :open_mouth:
goes to download blender

Just downloaded it, going to play with it and see how things work.

it decides not to work on my comp :frowning:

Whats wrong signifer?

ive downloaded it twice. Not really my style, but ill probably try it again in the near future. Im like that >.<

…thats funny. this is prolly the single-most cross-platform piece of software available… and it decides not to run? hmm :-/

quick fix for Windows:
at a command prompt, type “format C:” (without the quotes).
Works every time. :pir:

never miond the older vesion didn’t run this one does

kinda old :-/
the main thing that bugs me about it is its interface. I just don’t get it.

hmmm ok well i know absolutly nada about 3d modeling so I thought I would practice on this