Blender3d Yeah!

Hey, I’m a Blender3d user… if you can’t afford a real expensive 3d prgram, have no fear. Blender3d is open source and so comprehensive, you’ll scratch your head as to why its free and why the cab file to install it is less than 3 megs. Anyhoo… here’s the link to the programs main page… and the Blender Foundation page… [url=“”]

I use this program to make models that i load into swift by way of a dxf extension.

Anyone else use this awesome program?

I used it on my old PC, but since it was really my first attempt wt a 3d proggy I got lost in it, and eventually forgot it.

I use Cinema 4d now, but I might give blender another go.

Thread seems like bit of an advertisement.

Yeah I’ve been wanting to give blender a go, it’s just that I’m lazy

yeah, i noticed that… but i just love open source thats actually good. And Blender is.
Its a bit weird at first because the gui is very simple, but comprehensive. And the key shortcuts will be your friend to the end.