Free Anti-SpyWare App - What is a good one?

I’m looking for a really good free anti spy ware program. I jsut got finished formating and re instaling my PC because the spy ware got so bad. I was using Spybot but for soem reason the min i started using a Anti-SpyWare app is when my computer started having problems. It got so bad my internet wouldn’t even work.

Any suggestions?


useing these both. with spybots Teatimer. whach black list advertiseing progrems such as spyware from running. i never had such a better compute now that i got them:) its mostly all becuzz of spybot;)

hey bro! long time no see man! hope you are well!
check this out - read all or skim through the table of contents.

yeah ill second spybot search and destroy, its very nice an it comes with some other useful tools.

Ad-Aware is pretty good, though I’ve never used Spybot.

OK but how do i keep Spybot and Ad-Aware from doing more harm then good. My PC seemed to be doing fine untill i instaled Spybot before.

I don’t know, maybe it was just a bad coincidence that the second you installed Spybot your computer crashed? :puzzle:

been running spybot forever and its been working fine.

*edit sometimes the updates fail on download - but its always usable.

you may be running programs that require you to have the spyware advertising going, that could be the problem but not sure. It hasnt caused me any problems in the past.

I use Spysweeper, doesn’t make much of a difference for me compared to Spybot, but without it, my little brother and sister would really be messing up their PC. :stuck_out_tongue: