Free, freeware, shareware, hacked and cracked software

Free, freeware, shareware, hacked and cracked software

Once a week I’m going to bump this to the top of each of the forum for Flash 4; Flash 5; and Flash a/s.

We are finding MANY posts related to, or indicating a desire to share stolen or cracked software or seeking stollen software. This message is not intended to be directed at those who are honestly seeking a free copy of something in hopes that there is one out there. We realize that some people do not know if there is or is not a trial version of something out there. In addition my personal possition is that I could care less about what you do with software,

HOWEVER, my personal opinion is irrelivant. EZBOARD WILL SHUT US DOWN if they believe that we are a site which promotes hacking or cracking of any sort.


It’s going to get a lot harder from here on out. I’m not going to be acting nice about this sort of crap any more. I find a post that even HINTS at relating to stolen software I’m deleting it without explination. PERIOD. Continual abuse of this rule will result in me having a meeting with Kirupa to discuss banning of your screen name and or IP from this forum.

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