Free, freeware, shareware, hacked and cracked software

Free, freeware, shareware, hacked and cracked software

Once a week I’m going to bump this to the top of each of the forum for Flash 4; Flash 5; and Flash a/s.

We are finding MANY posts related to, or indicating a desire to share stolen or cracked software or seeking stollen software. This message is not intended to be directed at those who are honestly seeking a free copy of something in hopes that there is one out there. We realize that some people do not know if there is or is not a trial version of something out there. In addition my personal possition is that I could care less about what you do with software,

HOWEVER, my personal opinion is irrelivant. EZBOARD WILL SHUT US DOWN if they believe that we are a site which promotes hacking or cracking of any sort.


It’s going to get a lot harder from here on out. I’m not going to be acting nice about this sort of crap any more. I find a post that even HINTS at relating to stolen software I’m deleting it without explination. PERIOD. Continual abuse of this rule will result in me having a meeting with Kirupa to discuss banning of your screen name and or IP from this forum.

You’re egomanical Mod


is making a good point!!

we do not want this forum closing down…!

use your heads!!!


I absolutely agree upuaut8. If anyone decides to post anything about hacked or cracked software, you will be banned PERIOD! Even asking about where you can get cracked software will result in you being banned permanently.

As a contributing moderator i am 100% with you guys, as a matter of fact i was gonna post a new thread with this subject matter in mind. And to the new members of this board who are reading this, please follow the rules, it makes life easier on all of us.

hacks and cracks, of course, i understand, but freeware and shareware? that must be an oversight, these are completely legal forms of software, and in my view ought to be promoted.

Hey supra,
Of course; freeware and shareware can be discussed and promoted :slight_smile: We just don’t want to see a “Shareware” version of Swift or a “Freeware” version of FLash lol.


< 3 posts deleted >

Sorry guys, I didn’t want to see a flame war erupting. Hope you guys understand :slight_smile:

oh yes… I completely agree as well. Asking if there is free software availiable, unless “hack” is specificaly mentioned, will be assumed that you are refering to freeware or shareware.
I didn’t mean that anyone mentioning free software would be banned. Ultimately I leave that stuff up to Kirupa.

(LOL… what Kirupa…were people *****ing about this policy?)

no it was me yelling at some guy for being a stiff and I completely support banning these fag prog. hackers!

did i miss something?

lol was i teh stiff one?

figured that much… the truth kills peeps j/k

heh… dont mind me… i just hate to see good sites goin down cuz of ‘jokin’

hope i wasnt the bad guy =[

I only stated you as the stiff one because you don’t let anyone have a little humor around here! I was pissed off at the fact that you called me lame for posting that link that was a mild joke, I know it was a little past the line but you don’t have to threaten to hack me, your not the only one that has had past experience using trojans. And the link was for fun and hacking is illegal and threatening to hack me is pathetically immature for something as little as that! But I am not an @#%$ and I used to do that crap when I was younger so I don’t really care I was a little annoying ****** to anyone on ICQ. Thats the only reason I call you ‘stiff’ lol we are all part of the same flash clique! So like Ice Cube says “Ya betta check yo self before you wreck yo self!”

Sorry if you didn’t like the quote but I am a wigger at heart!

im confused…smiles and nods…

My opinion:

Since they have Flash 5 on the marketplace, wouldn’t it be real cool of Macromedia to offer Flash 4 for free?

Just as Microsoft should allow free downloads of Windows 3.1, NT3.51, etc. It would make many people happy.

Its sounds kewl and all to us but for them it would be bad because then you could just download the versions of programs that have just been updated by a new version and then just order the upgrade which is much less is price! So they want new users to buy the full program and old users get the upgrade! And for new users to try it out they can use the trial!

although i dont see why they dont make Flash 2 or 3 a freeware now.

is someone else using my name because i dont remember ‘threatening’ to hack anyone. and REAL hackers are not lame as$ trojan boyz. those are weenies. i was talking about teh guy who joked bout where to get progz right after they told us not to mention it… was that you? if not… i didnt talk at all to you…

i could care less about trojans and hackers… i done my time for hacking and i will not do it again… sorry if i said something to that nature… we all kewl here. i dunno if it was u… but SOMEONE was jokin and as i said b4 simply… i have seen EZBOARDS shut down cuz of ‘jokin’… so i was only tryin to let ya guys know that teh occasional ‘joke’ bout warez will shut this down… AND I NEED THIS =] i suk butt at flash so i need the help.

You did time for hacking¿


Let’s calm down or I’ll delete EVERYTHING Below my first post in this thread. Comments are not nessesary to this conversation.

I believe that we all have a good understanding of humor, and I believe that Kirupa will use good judgement in any decision to ban.

quik comment… not time… probation… wasnt fun… so if anyone here has a reason to preach its me =] DONT DO IT MAN. =]

its been a while and i just finally got comps back… so i aint screwin up the opportunity i have now =]