Free hosting

Once again I know this does not have to do with flash, but you guys know more about this stuff than anyone else I know.
What is a good web hosting site for free that will not give me pop-ups or banner ads? Someone said, but they are under construction. Right now I am using netfirms, but they have annoying banner ads.
Thanks fellas

Good+Free+(No Banners or Popups)+Host = Impossible

Sorry to say, but it is true. If you find a free host that offers no banner ads or pop up windows, chances are they suck. Free hosts offer free hosting only because they get paid for having banners on pages. No Banners = No Money and No Money = No Way To Maintain Service.

Enough of the math:P I wish there were good free servers with no ads, but that is just not possible. Or at least from what I have found. I have seen some that offer only like 5MB of space, but I forget what they are.

check its banner and pop-up free and you get 20mb space but you cant upload audio or .cgi stuff i dont think, though i’ve never tried, but a simple solution to that is…use your existing host for multimedia or whatever if they support it n chuck a link to them and then put all your pages on liquid2k banner and pop-up free and your sorted. :slight_smile:

I use them as a host and they are probably the best free hosting thing you’ll come across