Web space

hi everyone
this may be a little off topic (doesnt have to do with html programming per say) but an answer would still be appreciated

i work alot in flash and am looking to make an online portfolio

i was wondering if anyone knew the best, cheapest, possibly FREE’est way to obtain web space

im talking about just plain SPACE - i have made web pages through yahoo - and besides paying 30$ a month, you have to conform to their very limiting templates.

so, if anyone knows the best way to just get some web space for a portfolio PLEASE let me know

Gee, the web is full of free hosts, and if i get you correctly here that’s exactly what you’re asking for…

try http://www.eccentrix.com
they’re nothing in certain, but they suffice…

thx man - right now i signed up with tripod, boomspeed, and eccentix to see which one annoys me the least

any hope of a free host with NO banners? or im prolly pushin it…

so any flash site that i see with no banners is one that is being paid for - correct?

Yeah, most likely…
but if you pay for a host you buy a top-domain also (.com/net/org adress) thus, if you see something like http://www.whatever.com/users/mikes_flashsite/

or anything similar, i guess you know what i mean, then you should check out www.whatever.com. You follow?

At least before, i know, there have been pretty good free hosts with totally no advertisement. They only have banners on their site, and then when ppl get to know that www.theirsite.com/another_site/ is bannerless, they will want to use the same host. Thus therefrom is their commercial. Pretty smart, cuz every1 appreciates it, if it werent for the fact that ppl instead gets www.mysite.cjb.net adresses, which is also bannerless and hosted by http://www.cjb.net. So the sites i knew with no banners are now gone, but who knows, there might still be some goldmine out there…

The best free host without banners that I know is brinkster http://www.brinkster.com
They also support ASP and MS ACCESS databases. However they have a file size limit (I think it’s 1 meg) and their bandwidth is not the best.