Free Ipod Conga Line

First Of All: This Conga Line Is For People New To Freeipods Who Haven’t Signed Up Yet.

Absolutly no arguing and no posting your own referral link.

What this is about: There is a website where you can recieve a free ipod if you complete the requirements: (1) complete an offer (2) refer 5 friends who must also complete an offer.

How this works: You click on the first person’s link on the list, sign up, and complete an offer ( is free and you should use that, but it does require creditcard or phonebill billing… both you can get out of before the free trial and avoid all costs). Then you are added to the list. After the person at the top of the line has fullfilled the requirements (of 5 referrals), the next person in the line will be ready to be clicked on. So the faster you sign up the closer you will be to getting your own ipod. So please join the conga line.

When you have completed the offer: When you do this, pm me or email me at [email protected] with things. (1) your referral link. (2) your user name (3) the user’s link you clicked on.Then i will post your link.

-You CANT cut in line
-You have to use the first link in the line

The list:

  1. riddler:

NOTE: You cannot sign up w/ hotmail accounts… for some reason will not send verification emails to hotmail, so signup w/ a different email… i made an account w/ my host just for this reason.

this is garbage…no one sign-up…bunch of lies and wasted time. no one is going to give you a free ipod, no one it worked for them…

this isn’t the sort of thread that should be up on kirupaforum.

i dont beleve it till i see an ipod in my hands

sorry guys i’ll delete it… i saw

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