Free Pop-Up Killer

Hey guys-\r I had a hard time finding a free pop up killer and wasted all sorts of time doing it with no results. When all of a sudden I am doing a search for the international man of Mystery, Austin Powers, when thhis pop up pops up and offers a pop up killer. Heres the URL for all of you who don’t have it yet. 1.9 Meg took me 6 minutes to download at 56k. So, shag me baby…Tell me Im shagedelic, baby! \r\\r\rpj\r:p \rwhy…Because I l o v e you! [Said like they did on the Mickey Mouse show]

iiiiiiiiiiiiii want cannnnnndy, dunh dunh dunh…dunh dunh\ruuuuuuuuu want canndy, dunh dunh dunh denh dunh

Thoriphes!? Ghosts of Mars!\rWhere the heck have YOU been?\r\rAs for pop-up killers, i’ve been using AdsOff (bought it) for a long time now, trouble is, it also blocks Flash sites called in a new window, like this lighthousefamily post above, i could never enter the site!..\rZoneAlarm 3 also includes one…\rAnd there’s a good free one, but it’s in French :slight_smile: \r\rPop-up-Hater-Phanclub (PHP): join right now for only 19.99$ a year!\rYou get: the urls of ALL the sites on the internet using pop-ups (10.69Mb file),\rfree updates, spam mails 4 times a day, credit card and debt reducing offers from our partners, and nothing else.

Eyez, Thor-\r\rThis has also shown problems, I tried clicking on links in my Yahoo mail and this thing blocks it, Im not sure its werth it yet. I have to press control click when I open stuff it shouldn’t block. But I am not sure yet it is werse either, as I am frelling sick of pop ups! And Thor, where ya been fer so long? School, SAT’s, ?\r\rEyez-\rI doubt very nuch that EVERY site that uses pop ups is there, that would be impossible to track methinks-you?\rpj\r:p