Free scnene generator

Wanna have some cool ocean backgrounds for your cutscene videos or game titles?
Then you should try Sea 1.0!
Sea 1.0 is a background generator. As its name, Sea give you the power to make any type of ocean scene. Base on powerful realtime engine, it is extremely fast. You can see the result in real-time, and don’t have to waste your time rendering. Furthermore, you can have some cool post effects like Bloom, Soften, Blur ect. in realtime!!!
*Vertex, pixel shader VGA card required.


  • No art skill needed!
  • Extremely easy to use!
  • 3D Realtime Wave
  • Realtime adjustment wave properties (wind speed, height, choppyness, color etc.)
  • Camera movement
  • Post render effects
  • Different sky styles
  • Export to single image or images sequence
    And it’s free!
    Go to for more information.
    They have cool models too! Like this:

They’re all next-gen high quality realtime models and have affordable prices. Hope it help!