Freelance Graphic Designer


-Currently studying MA Graphic Design from University for the Creative Arts, United Kingdom.

  • Completed my B.F.A. (Applied Arts) from Sir J.J. Institute
    of Applied Arts, Mumbai University, India.

  • Proven leadership and designing skills through a combination of
    project that i have undertaken.

  • Excellent computer skills with hands on experience of using Adobe Flash 9.0, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Swiss Max and many more designing software.

Work Experience: Worked with Verve Communication a designing company for three months during my third year summer holidays of B.F.A to get some hands on
experience and enhance my project management skills.

I have taken on a range of freelance projects for clients and each project has been worked on solely by me. This experience has allowed me to build my analyzing skills by understanding and delivering the desired outcome for each project.