Freelance work, Build small app with the flash tree component

Hi, my name is Daniel Chinchilla and I work in my own company (the site is in spanish for the moment) For this job I have a budget of $300

Problem: I need to let the customers autoupdate some tree components without my help, currently they´re being populate through XML, and everytime they need to add a new document (.pdf) I have to write a new line with the document name and URL in the XML.

What I need: An action that for example when they want to add a new document they type “blindly” a secret word and the text inside the tree component becomes editable, where they can change the doc name, add a new node and delete a node. For the URL part I would like to know if it is possible to choose a doc and a pop window to browse files in their computer, when they select that document, the URL is automatically added to that node, that way the client doesn`t need to type the whole path to the document.

Any more info or any question please let me know.