Tree Component is not working

hiee guys,
am new to this forum, pls help me if u can understand my problem.

look, according to one tutorial i created a Tree component .fla which includes

import mx.controls.Tree;

class TreeNavMenu extends MovieClip {
    var menuXML:XML;
    var menuTree:Tree;
    function TreeNavMenu() {
        // Set up the appearance of the tree and event handlers
        menuTree.setStyle("fontFamily", "_sans");
        menuTree.setStyle("fontSize", 12);
        // Load the menu XML
        var treeNavMenu = this;
        menuXML = new XML();
        menuXML.ignoreWhite = true;
        menuXML.onLoad = function() {
    function change(event:Object) {
        if (menuTree == {
            var node = menuTree.selectedItem;
            // If this is a branch, expand/collapse it
            if (menuTree.getIsBranch(node)) {
                menuTree.setIsOpen(node, !menuTree.getIsOpen(node), true);
            // If this is a hyperlink, jump to it
            var url = node.attributes.url;
            if (url) {
                getURL(url, "_top");
            // Clear any selection
            menuTree.selectedNode = null;
    function onMenuLoaded() {
        menuTree.dataProvider = menuXML.firstChild;
        menuTree.addEventListener("change", this);

and an TreeNavMenu.xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <node label="My Bookmarks">
        <node label="Macromedia Web site" url="" />
        <node label="MXNA blog aggregator" url="" />
    <node label="Google" url="" />

i did created all these files according to tutorial, but i dont knw how to import that ".as " file in flash.

Please help me or guide me to a link where i can find another tutorial of Tree Component.