French Characters in ComboBox Component

I have searched high and low on this one and there are many different answers and suggestions.
I am loading my text in via XML. I have made sure that it is UTF8 encoded.
For any other dynamic text I would simply embed the characters I need.

So far I can change the colour and the size of the text in the combobox but just can’t seem to figure out how to embed the french characters I need in there.
I have created my own font and embedded the characters I need into a dynamic text field on the stage. The created font is named “appfont”

myCB.addItem({data: 2, label: "Chose a University"});
myCB.dropdownWidth = 212;
myCB.setStyle("fontSize", "11");
myCB.setStyle("color", 0xFF0000);
myCB.textField.setStyle ("fontFamily", appfont) 

Any relevant links, suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated as I’ve been banging my head on this one all night.