Friends (Venting). Confused


I have this friend, we known each other for the past 6 years. We could tell each other everything and no one would find out. We became such good friends throughout the years, and I have noticed that she has changed. Ever since we went to different high schools she changes to fit in.

About the one month ago, I got out of work to go hang out of her. I left early and this made them mad, but I wanted to go see her. When i got there she and her a kid she likes were doing stuff while I was sitting on the floor in the dark room. I finally said after 5 min that im leaving. She asked me if I could bring them home and that they live really close. So i said yes being the nice person that I am. They ended up living about 20 miles from her house. On the ride home, she ended up doing some thing to him. Which I don’t want to say. I found out and I didn’t talk to her for about 5 months. So the other day she called me and asked me to bring one of her to one of her friends house. To begin with her house is about 25 miles away. I didn’t want to so I told her and she got mad at me for that also.

Finally when I let it go, tonight she ended up slapping one of my friends in the face because of what some one said that she said about her. Come to find out, my friend never said anything and she got slapped around in my car. Yes, my car.

My friend didn’t want to get out of the car because her friends were there to back my "friend: up. We ended up driving away and she called me and said that if I was her friend that I would take the girl I was with back. She started to tell me that I was the bad friend and that I was the one that was causing problems with our friendship. Which is BS. So I ended up telling her off. yadda yadda yadda.

so in conclusion to my rant, I have noticed that she changes when she is around different people. I am done with this girl and I am at the point were I just laugh when she yells at me. What is wrong with her, and why doesn’t she see that she is changing for the bad and that she is just making enemies and not friends.