How long is too long?

I’ve known this girl for quite some time now. About 6 years now it’s been, and before she used to e-mail me back when I sent her things, and we used to talk online about school and all. I was there when she needed help, and she was there when I needed to help someone :slight_smile:
I think she’s really awesome, and I used to have a thing for her. Those feelings have passed now, and I really just want to have her as a friend. Lately however, she hasn’t e-mailed me back, and she’s always busy when I try to talk to her online. Forget about calling her… I’m lucky if I get the voicemail

So I’m wondering, how long is too long to hold onto a friendship? Am I looking for something that’s just not there?

My apologies in advance … I always get very depressed when I come back home from being away at college, and I tend to blow small problems out of proportion :frowning:

Oh, and there’s this other girl I know up at school. We were in the same discussion group in English Lit class.

I think she’s divine … seriously. She’s all I’ve ever wanted in a girl, and it’d be awesome if we became more than just aquaintences. I’ve asked her to hockey games, dinners, lunches, parties, small get togethers, and she’s blown me off each time. I’m wondering if I should give up the fight on that too … seems like a battle I won’t come to win

forever is not long enough.

never give up… but don’t be a nuisance either - there is a time to stop, but only if its obvious you need to. Then again you shouldnt put your efforts in a futile fight (its not always hopeless).

Have you ever met the first girl?..

No need to apologize for nothing first of all.Now about the first girl…u sure about having no feelings for her? just a friend should’nt bother you this much that u started a thread…or may be its just me.If you are on ignore then it’s better to maintain a distance (i guess she wants that now) it’s same with my gf these days…give them space (female friends/gf’s) but not much for them to feel lonely…if girl number one has feelings for u as a friend too, she will contact you otherwise you cant force friendship or love for that matter on anyone…girl number 1 or 2, i believe if something is bound to happen in your life it will…you can’t hurry love and yea sen is right forever is not too long.If me and my gf can have these types of issues after 18 yrs, dont think 6 yrs are good enough, rite?

take it easy bro :thumb:

I met the first girl, we used to go to school together … and I saw her all the time in church before I abandoned my religion and have stayed away from the place for 2 years now.

That’s like what I’m sayin … We used to talk, used to be friends, then it kinda just died off. We still talk, just VERY infrequently … there will be some days when I’ll say, ‘hello’ and she’ll want to talk, other days I never get a reply.

I guess I’m just thinkin too much about this stuff - instead of just letting things be the way they will be. I can only do so much I suppose…

As for the second girl - I get the sense that she’s just very shy/reserved and if I could just break down that wall, have her get to know me better, and for me to know her better, I have a feeling that everything would be cool as can be. But I can’t seem to get her to open up.

I mean, any girl who likes Metallica, Sevendust, Pantera, and dogs, and HATES getting dressed up (as do I) has got to be worth fighting for …

I think I jinxed it - back when I first started talking to her. I was so happy, so overjoyed that I’d found someone like that … and then she kept blowing me off. It’s either the mutant young adult cooties I have, or I jinxed it…

honey, go for the 2nd chick, forget about the first. don’t waste your energy on some1 who isn’t a good freind. and if some1 is blowing off thier friend all the time for no apparent reason, then they aren’t a good friend. i’m not saying she’s evil, don’t get me wrong. but i would put aside any feelings of regrets about her and just move on. maybe email her in a year or so in a very casual manner, but here’s the thing. you are a fantastic guy with a lot to offer in a friendship, if someone doesn’t appreciate it, or want it atm, then screw em, and spend attention on your other friends or making new ones.
as for the new chick, just keep thigns casual, which i know you are, and go for it. who knows, she might be a good match for you :wink:
and being a girl, i can say quite confidently that lots of chicks act totally weird and you guys dunno whats going on in our heads, so we could totally love you and act not interested and you will never know if you just walk away… so don’t walk away :wink:

and here’s somethign i’ve had to come to terms with, since we all know about redgolgi’s issues with change and lost friends…
people chance, situations change, and friends will come. very few people have true friends, and when you do, you are lucky, and chances are you find several true friends in your life if you are that lucky. so they are who you hold onto and fight along side and make sacrifices for, and give yoru heart to. but everyone else is like the tide… washing in an out of your life, God’s little mysterious ways of adding purpose to our existences in a community…

Not to make fun of this or anything… but this whole thing seems like a Japanese love story. :slight_smile:

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i am just confused by that japanese love story thing… lol :crazy:


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Phil, the thing is… If I expressed the true love I had for you, no one would like me anymore; I’d be ostracized by my peers. It exists in such excess that to reveal it would mean utter obliteration to my social life. So instead, I keep it concealed and worship you quitely in the corner of my room where the phil shrine quitely sits.

crap. so no1 likes me, it’s just a cover

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**crap. so no1 likes me, it’s just a cover **

You’re up there, don’t worry :wink: I can’t divulge my true love for you either or others will get jealous :inc:


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