Frontpage 2002

I need to bring down a current web page, make corrections, and send back. So far, I have brought down the web page and made correction. When I go to publish, it goes thru, but the web page is the same.
This is an emergency. Any help!!

Hello classy,
Make sure you check the option box “All pages, overwriting pages already on destination” from the Publish Options window. You can see that feature illustrated in Page 287 of my book. Try and see if selecting the aforementioned caption prevents your problem.

If your problem still persists, launch Internet Explorer. In the address field, enter the path of your site. Press the Edit icon from Internet Explorer’s Standard Toolbar. FrontPage should launch and prompt you for the username and password to your site. Enter the informaion and press OK. Your Web will be displayed in FrontPage (View | Folders). You can import the updated pages and/or other files such as images manually by going to File | Import. That should help solve your problem.