FrontPage page includes sourcing the C: - why?

Hey all,

I’m having an issue with FrontPage 2003 page includes. Heres an url to explain what I’m talking about:

For some reason, I can’t get FrontPage to not source my C drive. The includes are fine on most of the other pages, but for some reason the pages that are deep in the folder heirarchy have trouble. I can’t just manually type in the file directory because FrontPage is saying that the page does not exist. (e.g. …/…/blah/whatever.htm)

Whats going on?

that’s a common problem in front page, i used to solve it by modifying the htmls in the notepad.
any way, I didnt see anything wrong in your site

I try to avoid linking to pages that are not inside my FrontPage Web. I do all of my updating on the server itself, so I upload all of the content to the server prior to using the Include feature :slight_smile: