I know some of you hate fruitcake and maybe a few of you don’t. I personally love it. But what eludes me is why so many people don’t like it. What do you particularly like/hate about fruitcake?

I bring this up because there is currently one sitting on my dining room table.

i dont like it for several reasons:
the texture is icky IMO
its way too sweet for me. i prefer natural sweetness in fruit or something to cakes and candies and such in general, so something sooo sweet makes my toes curl
i dont like dried fruit too much, and i hate rasins, so its like, ugh. again, i love fruit, if its fresh. but it just gives me the willies all dried and baked and brick-ified

I like fruitcake!


[size=1]dont think geocities wil not allow toomuch bandwidth usage…if that error occurs, u can msg me at yahoo, msn or aim and i will transfer the file, or pm me ur email add n i wil send it in mail…whatever suits u=)[/size]

what is it?

check it out:)

right click > save target as…
opens with winzip.

but its an exe…
it’s not one of those belching programs is it?

no no, not any program …just an swf file converted into a projector exe file, dont worry about it =)


Yuck, fruitcakes. They have this type of cream that makes me wanna vomit. Really. And then the combination of oranges with that cream, actually makes me vomit. YUCK !

nice, but it’s old, and where is the fruitcake.
edit: oh, ahhm… ok… I found the line with the fruitcake :stuck_out_tongue:

I have tried fruitcake a number of times and hated it each time. It left a really weird aftertaste that I didn’t like at all. And I, too, am not a fan of the texture. Oh well… maybe I haven’t had any of the good stuff…

Fruitcake - one of the few creations to come out of my dad’s kitchen that I sent back. I say we make a wonderful list of all the things you can use fruitcake for.
[]A hammer
]A doorstop
[]A threat (ex: If you don’t finish your dinner… I’ll make you eat fruitcake!!!")
]Collect a few from around the neighbourhood and use them in combination with a hammer (or another fruitcake) to make an excellent coffee table
[]Carve with diamonds and you will have a frisbee!
]Make large flat ones and you will have snow tires. (For car or bike)
[*]Candle holder (it’s flame retardant!)

Can someone give me a recipe? I don’t think I’ve tried it. I’ve tried cakes with fruits but not a fruitcake… :h:

im a wierdo i watch ‘good eats’ all the time:,,FOOD_9936_8157,00.html

Thanx norie :slight_smile: expect a fruitcake review soon :stuck_out_tongue: