Ftp transactions


A company has sent me some ftp settings to download some files but I’ve never used ftp to download files. I’ve always been in the office, just go to the network and download the files from the network direct…here what I think I should be doing

You take the ftp settings and stick them in the address bar of your browser (for instance ftp://999.999.99 or whatever right) but then I have a login and a password, what do I do with them.

I get an error message and it hasn’t asked me for the login and the password…I thought it would.

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY SO IF YOU KNOW, tell me please :frowning:

you can use your web browser using this format:
ftp://login:[email protected]
or (and what i suggest you) is to use a ftp program (like leech ftp, freeware, yay!) which is more powerfull (batch transfer, resume if DL/UL has been cut etc)
link to LEECH FTP home page

have fun :esmirk:

ws ftp home is a nice ftp program, im using it right now, and it has a free trial

you know I posted this message and then went back to work (which is a sports store) and I was standing in the store room when it suddenly hit me that I have used FTP a hundred times before with my web site and that I have SmartFTP on my machine and when I realised that I felt like the biggest idiot on this forum…

I honestly can’t believe I panicked like that and posted this thread :drool:

If you see me, give me a slap

You can trick wsftp to just give you the full program without a trial if you say during installation that you’re a student using the program for educational purposes :wink:

I have the free edition of SmartFTP, anyone looking for any recomendations I give it a big thumbs up :thumb: