i am looking for a good ftp program, and i finnaly came across tucows and they have alot to choose from. i was just wondering what one is the best and the easyest.



yup ftp.=)

Hey Alex,
I use Smart FTP to upload certain files to the server. It is free, and it works quite well.

Kirupa :rambo:

thanks for your help. once i saw the prices on thoes things i almost pased out. =)

I use FTP Explorer, its great :beam:

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Yeah, I mean - how much can you do with an FTP to warrant using a pay version. The freeware ones are just fine.

for Smart FTP, i type in my user name yada yada, and it doesnt connect where its susposed to connect:-\

After entering your username and password, go to FTP | Connect. It should display all of your local files on the left. All of the files stored on your server will be displayed on the right.

Kirupa :rambo:

I use the FTP system that is included with Dreamweaver. that works. Doesn’t Frontpage have an FTP uploader?

could it be a problem, i think i might have to shut off my fire wall. i just thought of that.=)

woohoo that was the problem. darn fire wall:P =)

ok, its not working when i upload any thing. thats if i am doing it right.:frowning:

i uploaded it to here http://alexsdesigns.net and nothing changed since the last time i went. i am getting no where with this:-\

well you have to set your homepage as .index which will be your homepage!

so the file that i am uploading should be like something like index.htm? =) :q:

am i going to need front page server extensions?:frowning:


I use CuteFTP for all of my needs. It is extremely intuitive, yet robust. You can also customize it to your own needs (I even have installed it on my clients’ machines so they can update their sites themselves).

just a note…


hmm, i might give that a shot. but i really dont know how these things work. and the one that i have installed now doesnt seem to do what i want. k man uses this, i wonder if he could tell me how to get it to work(-:

i never really got why ppl use FTP…then again i am on a free server…for now :stuck_out_tongue:


ftp - file transfer protocol - allows one to upload/download data from a web server with a much less chance of getting disconnected. Also, a lot of servers allow ftp resume in case you do get disconnected, so you don’t have to start all over again.

it is much better than HTML. What do you use to udate your site now?


i finally got a splash/ under construction page up. thanks for your help!=)