Full Browser Flash & Minimum Height Scroll

I’ve got a full browser swf, and it’s working fine across all browsers. However, for the folks still running 800x600, some of the lower content on some pages gets cut off,… as expected. My goal is to set a minimum height and minimum width so if someone shrinks their browser window to a smaller height & width the browser scrollbars will appear.

So far I’ve been able to get it to work in everything but IE (pc). I’ve tried using css’s min-height and min-width on a div containing the flash object. It works great… but IE and Safari don’t support that. So I tried the table method found here: http://cms.beaver82.com/ and it doesn’t work either. They must be using some sort of specific function inside the .swf??

So, if anyone has any ideas… it’d be greatly appreciatted. Thanks in advance!