Full screen script problems - need help

I have problems on setting up scripts for full screen mode…
I need set scripts that pages loads automatically in full screen (no bars or borders).
Problems is - I can’t make this staff work…

Ok, here is the situation:

I have page (a)www.xxxx.com( index.html with some flash design wich includes 8 flash buttons). This page is in normal size of browser (with bars and borders) and every flash button has different link to go. So, I need that when I press one of the buttons, next page have to loads in full screen mode(no bars or borders).

Problem (1)
I can’t make button pages (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) load in full screen mode (can’t find correct script)

Problem (2)
I try use some java scripts but this scripts works just on one of the flash button links – I have 8 flash buttons with different links.

Problem (3)
I can’t find scripts for full screen mode witch supports all Network browsers (IE, Netscape, Opera, Mac, Firewox….)

Problem (4)
I wanna an HTML page be in Full Screen first time it’s loaded. I don’t wanna it be another Pop Up window beside the original Page. I wanna the page itself be Full Screen.

Can someone help me fix this problems…please! I be very appreciated for your advises …