Full screen

I want to know how to publish my site on a full screen
I mean when i publish it by pressing F12 i see an edges around the site… i asked some one about it and he gave me some codes but still the dges exist around the page.
Can some one plz tell me how to get rid of them?
Like what to write and where?

Thanks for your attention.

That would be default HTML margins…


And that is how you get rid of all of them.

I know i took so much time to reply… sorry but ma exams are taking so much of ma time… anyway i will get to the point.

I tried so many time to add the code ya gave me and others did to have the full screen. I just wanna know one thing, which is where to put the html code? where should i write it?
cos what i did is i published the movie then i went to internet explorer then i clicked on view —> source ------> Wrote the code there -----> save.

when i clicked refresh every thing went fine but when i closed the window and pusblished the movie again by clicking F12 in the flash program… it went as it was… the margins still exist… cany ya plz tell me what exactly i can do?

Thanks for your attention… looking forward hearing from you.

With respect

You added it in the right spot if it worked. You just have to add the margin code into your already existing body tag in your HTML.

When you republish your movie through Flash, it overwrites your pre-existing .html file with the new one and that is why it doesn’t work after you publish again.

My solution to this is to go to File/Publish settings in Flash and uncheck the box that exports as html as that way the only checkbox checked is to export as a .swf.

Good luck on your exams :slight_smile: