'Full site tutorial' - need some help!

Hi, This is my first post here, though I have been visiting the site for quite some time now, its very helpful to someone like me, trying to learn some Flash on my own.
I need some help with the ‘full site’ tutorial featured on this site, can anyone help me with this, wld really appreciate it.
I am trying to make a site based on this tutorial, with the load movie action code. I have my 4 buttons that have the load movie action given to them. Problem is, 2 of the external swfs are loading and displaying correctly (in the empty movie clip), but the other 2, the ones with the percentage preloaders in them (the other 2 swfs have no preloaders) are not, all I can see is the % at 0(zero), it seems to be stuck there. This means the movies have loaded, but are not going beyond the preloader?

What cld be wrong? Does anyone know how to fix this?

thanks- whizzz