Problems With Preloader & Loading External .SWF

I’m having a bit of a problem at the moment with two things:
[*]First off, the preloader on my index.fla is only becoming visible 70% or so of the way through loading. The file at “" demonstrates this. The flash file for this “index.fla” can be found at "[url=“”]”. I would be most grateful if someone could identify a reason why the preloader is doing this and if possible rectify the problem. If you could either reply to this thread or email corrected files to:

[*]Secondly, when I load the external swf in the folder in my index.fla using “emptymc.loadMovie([url=“”]” (which is in the window movieclip on layer 26 frame 19) the window opens, and the movie loads, but it does not play. The [url=“”] folder is identical to that which I have on my homepage folder, so the same images are in that file. Why, therefore, does the external swf not play in the index.fla when it seems to work fine as an individual file?!?! I don’t believe there is a problem with PhotoGallery.swf as if you check that file it works fine as an .swf movie, just not as a loadMovie actionscript within index.fla
[/list]I realise that what I have written may appear confusing, but I would be very very grateful if someone could suggest a resolution to my problems here or better still, edit the .fla and correct the problems!

Thanks very much for any help anyone can give!