Fully Dynamic XML MP3 Player v1.1

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Hello everybody :slight_smile:

I just finished a project I started a while ago, a fully dynamic MP3 player (with preloader and time indication) with an XML playlist. You can see a working example of it here: http://users.pandora.be/voetsjoeba/Mp3.html ,and the playlist is located here: [url=“http://users.pandora.be/voetsjoeba/playlist.xml”]http://users.pandora.be/voetsjoeba/playlist.xml.

As I said, it is fully dynamic. That includes the fact that you only have to update the XML file with new values to add a song. It is written as a class that needs two parameters: an object containing the links to the elements of the interface, and the playlist array. Everything else goes fully automated.

I wanted to share it with you guys, and ask if you saw any bugs, or if you would like to see some features added. If so, let me know and I will implement them if I can. I was surprised at how easy this was actually.

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