Funky squid

just something I made in a few, and it turned out looking like a suedo squid thing (esp if you move your mouse slow)… anyway, here it is - something fun and stupid! :stuck_out_tongue:


HAHA, that is really cool Ryall. I like it a lot.

thanks… hahaha I guess everyone gets board sometime! :o :stuck_out_tongue:


waw, cool how did you do that?


Wow that is really nice :slight_smile:

Kirupa :asian:

I would like to know how you did that too…lol

It reminds me more of a jellyfish than a squid though.

just a duplicate movieclip w/ inertia, and elastic effects correct?

Jeez, that sentence makes it sound like any a-hole can do it. Great job! Not as easy as I made it sound…

Well I knew that, but I was wondering how he got the clips to duplicate out in that direction like that.

Wow, take it easy i’am an beginner and so I don’t know what you are talking about!:nerd:

And i hate to say it but I also think it’s an squid instead of a jellyfish:):slight_smile:


actually, it looks like a starfish when you hold your mouse still

No, no

Ryall is right It is a Squid!! :o





it may look like a jellyfish, but leave your mouse alone for a while, and it morphs into a starfish, so therefore, it is a morphing jellyfish/starfish


and if you leave your mouse alone for longer, it morphs into nothingness. AHHHHH!!! This thing has skillz!

it is now known as: “a morphing jellyfish/starfish/nothingness skillzful animal!”

We will call it a… notajellystarfishsquid

how does that sound?:slight_smile:

hahaha… SQUID!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

LOST: it isnt as complicated as you think - the movie clip doesnt dup into different directions:o the movie clip that is duped is a circle that fades out in eight different directions. [wink-wink]… much easier on the coding this way (aka I am lazy) =)


a very good name indeed, except it does look like a starfish!!!

HAHA, Very clever…VERY VERY clever.