Funniest town name ever

Hi all, I was driving through upstate NY this holiday weekend, and I started laughing so hard I almost drove off the road when I passed the sign for this town: Coxsackie. Its real… look it up on mapquest! :beam: Just thought I would share the highlight of my vacation, and see if anyone else had any funny town names they would like to share!

PS, looking at mapquest, 2 towns over from coxsackie, NY is gayhead, NY…

Yeah, ever seen Jackass? They drive in “Mianus”


Do you now this town exist too?


It’s a little town in wales. :slight_smile:

There is a town, just outside Portland, Oregon, named:

Boring, Oregon

that’s right, Boring, Oregon.

The fire trucks run through town with <b>BFD</b> in bright gold letters on the side…

the sign upon entering says:

“Welcome to Boring Oregon”


There is also an

intercourse, PA

Heh, as well as a Climax, PA :slight_smile:

there’s Hell, Michigan :-\

There’s a Waycross Georgia.

Where you going?
Way cross Georgia :P.

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there’s a city called Nagykutas which (in polish) means “naked dick”

pl (eng)

in Poland we have
pieklo (Hell)
stare babki (old grannies)
nowa szwecja (new sweden)
paryz (paris)
and lot more :wink:

ive seen a bus from Boring Oregon while on a field trip to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) me and my firends a a good laugh because we also joked that our town should be named Boring, but hey its already taken

Theres a town in the good old U.K up near the Lake District called c0ckermouth… Which is amusing and also a place called Bile i forget its where-a-bouts though.

There is a place in Alabama called Eastaboga. It doesn’t have any negative connotations attached to it (at least from what I can see), but repeat Eastaboga a few times while jumping around the room waving your arms like a manatee - you just might laugh!

You should also casually work that word into your usual conversations also. I’ve provided a few examples:

“Is that an eastaboga on your shoes?”

“OMG, an eastaboga landed in my food!”

“Lostinbeta, can you help me create a preloader for my eastaboga?”

“9 out of 10 doctors recommend brushing with Eastaboga to help whiten teeth/fangs.”

“That tiny Asian guy ate over 44 eastabogas at the annual Eastaboga Eating Contest”

“For further information, dial 1-800-EASTABOGA.”

Kirupa :alien:

*Originally posted by kirupa *
"That tiny Asian guy ate over 44 eastabogas at the annual Eastaboga Eating Contest"
Kirupa, I am very offended by this comment…

…tiny Asian guys can easily top 62 eastabogas <div style=“zoom=250%”>:P</div>

Are you telling me that :asian:, :alien:, :esmirk:, :asian:, and Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi) :elderly: can eat 62 eastabogas…:thumb:?

Kirupa :ninja:

Lol, Estaboga. It sounds funny after repeating it after a while. As for Coxsackie, I’ve been there actually since I live in upstate NY. I don’t get the pun for it though.


mr. myagi :elderly: is still alive?! he’s too old to eat estanbogas, i heard there high in colesterol.

i once drove through a Goobertown (in Arkansas…go figure)


there’s a place named Weiner in Arkansas too…although it’s pronounced “Winer” instead of “Weener” :frowning:


i’ve heard that there is a place somewhere called “w*nkers corner” But then again my mate told me about it, o im not entirely sure…

Maxtr0sity, was that sarcasm?