Fuse IDE 2


I’m not really looking for much along the lines as site crits or anything, but more or less just announcing it and getting some feedback on the latest version of my IDE for Fuse. But I’ll take those as well, why not?

If you don’t know already, The Fuse Kit is a popular set of classes for tweening in AS2. This Fuse IDE provides a lot of that power to non-coders. Please note you need the latest version of The Fuse Kit installed for this to work.

I’ll spare a huge description and just let you check out the site. Screenshot on the site as well.

Let me know of any major bugs, and I’ll take care of them. Take it easy with the sequencer, it’s not death-proof. I don’t have much time to work on this, but I figured I’d let KF get the first preview.


[ot]I was thinking about posting in S&E, but everyone gets anal about providing the source, so I’ll post here instead because there’s no source.[/ot]

Got some more screenshots of the application or more description of how it is used?

Sure thing man, here’s an online working version of it.


So in the Flash Authoring Environment, you just select a symbol on the stage, then open this panel and make your tweens. That’s pretty much it.

That’s really cool! I like it!

Thats really nice :smiley:

Wow - I’m impressed … played around with the sample - pretty powerful and easy to use, the only thing is you might include some type of “help” for those who don’t know what every section and option might be and what it might do to the animation. :thumb: