FW-> Dreamweaver help needed

Okay, I’m in trouble I need some help…

I created this site, first in Fireworks…
So I created all the graphics… basicaly the whole site, except the text… then I export it to Dreamweaver and I want to insert text in it… I mean, I will have the fireworks website behind it, and then insert the text over…

In the end I want to look like in the attachment… So everything was created in Fireworks, so they are all slices and such… and then I want the text on top.


here is the attachment!

I think it should be done solely in dreamweaver :-\

You mean everything?

Frontpage. Easier to use, cheaper, does same stuff, and you can get all the help you’d ever need from kirupa and probably lots of other people on this site. Plus you’ll be supporting the strongest government in the world, Microsoft :).

heheh DOWN with Billy!

Well, I wonder if anyone knows how to do this… I found one way…

I make the slice a background img, then insert a layer and make it static… and works FINE… in Explorer… but looks completle messed up in Mozzial (netscape)

Frontpage :blah: almost as bad as golive.

yeah, all in dreamweaver. Just set up the tables right and you’re good. Not hard with DW

hmm lets see, itd be a bit of nesting I suppose. You have some which run in columns and others which dont… ones looking like rows… but first there would be the main table making up the whole image you posted. That would probably be a 2x2 table with pretty hefty cellspacing for each of your windows, tables themselves. Those tables then have a cell for the title then rows below for body text (maybe even columns depending on how you structure it). Images can be placed right in those body area with the text wrapping around.

ohhh, I think i see what you mean…

Let me post the whole site, so u can see…

Wait… I think It acctualy worked… can someone check this site and tell me what you think and see…

(Friggin Previews!!!)

theres no title bar on the top right box for me (the mission) and "Through ongoing sports training and competitions, " is unusually large

dude you could do all that stuff with dreamweaver like sen says, and it will load much faster and it takes a while to load on 56k man, first of all what resolution are you designing this website for its pretty big, second if you just zip up the maini images like the logo and the pics i could do this for you so you can have an idea of how to do all this with dreamweaver the only thing you would need done in fireworks would be the images, as for the squares you could do that with tables like i said before, i saved the html files and im gonna try to do my best but since you sliced the logo in the background with the titles of each section tis gonna look weird

Thanks guys, you guys are a great help.
I’l see how much time my client gives me for this, I might redo it in dreamweaver… good point guys…

ok here you go i didnt do tha bakcgound logo because you sliced it too much but here you can have an idea and the top doesnt scale because you sliced it for a specific size but you could just make that two tables in Dw with diffrent bg colors and just make the logos a jpg or gif and type in the text here you go check it out and let me knwo if thats any good for you DW is da best we app around you just gotta learn how to use tables, if you master tables you can do anything, and frames are also great if you know how to use them :beam:

Notice the file size diffrence yours was 251 kbs mine is only 85kbs :beam:

Thanks alot man!

Wohooo!I really appriciated it!

Sorry, to bring such a old topic back , but is there problems with doing tables within tables?

nope, you can do it just fine.

Another question (thanks for the help so far!)

I would like the whole page to be surounded by a single black border. But if I put the whole thing in the table it makes a double border. If anyone can help?


select those 2 tables cut them now insert a new table, set its bg to black now paste the tables you just cut and play with the width and height settings i think you will want to set them in pixels :beam:

No I meant around the WHOLE webpage…

its the same process just instead of selecting the two tables press ctrl + a and cut then insert a new table ctrl+alt+ t and set teh width and height to 100% or the pixel size you want then click inside that table and paste ctrl+v tadaaaa :beam: :wink: