Gah, I lost my windows inside my monitor

This is the stupidest thing ever!!

I borrowed a cable from school yesterday, and hooked up dual monitors to work on some final cut project. Today I haven’t got that cable, but I still need to work on that thing in FC. But the stupidest thing happened, I dragged the timeline window + canvas and some others, onto my second monitor last night and now I can’t get them back :d:

If I press F11 they show up from the side, but I can’t grab them… they’re on the screen that doesn’t exsist! :lol:

I tried to hit widow->timeline to turn it off/on again, but it appears on the same place it were before. Dang! Is there a way to get my lost widows inside my other monitor over to the one I’m using now? And without having to get hold of that cable again:P

[whisper]I feel so stupid[/whisper]