Gaia framework + navigations

Hello there,

I am testing out some gaia framework things, more specific a navigation

Now i have on the nav.fla a movieclip called total_nav, where my buttons reside.

now i found the tutorial about creating pages & navigation inside gaia
but when i make my code like this:

i get errors inside the file. more specific, it seems i can’t write total_nav.button1, but then how do i link from the class into the total_nav clip so i can access button1 and button2.

The thing is i need to have the navigation in a movieclip(nested) cuz i want to move it, during the project to specific values.

Any words on how i can use nested movieclip for my navigation like so? Might be uber noob question but i wasn’t able to find it myself.

class pages.NavPage extends AbstractPage
    private var buttons:Array;
    private var names:Array;
    public var total_nav.button1:MovieClip;
    public var total_nav.button2:MovieClip;
    public function NavPage ()
        super ();
        _alpha = 0;
        initButtons ();
    public function initButtons ():Void
       total_nav.button1.branch = "index/nav/buttonone";
       total_nav.button2.branch = "index/nav/buttontwo";

        buttons = [total_nav.button1, total_nav.button2];
        names = ["my Button name one","my Button name two"];
        var i:Number = buttons.length;
        .........//rest of code, irrelevant to this example