Gallery problem! Please


I’m trying to make gallery. But instead showing big picture I make it to load another SWF which will load a couple pic’s from it’s own directory.

Problem is that it is looking for pic’s in parent directory.
Is there some function like wild caracters (? and * in DOS) that
loads movie from it’s directory.

For now I have three directories and it’s easy to write full
path, but when I finished it would be hundreds directories and
I can’t compile second movie with full path for every directory.

I forgot to say that every folder must have preview.swf
(second movie) and a few pic’s. This SWF must load pic’s from it direcory (as I said).

And to finished more cleary…
When I click on first thumbnail on right panel must show preview.swf from dir (ex. w0001), when I click second thumb preview.swf (ex. w0002)… etc.


I am sorry for bad English.