Loading external image gallery

i’ve got an image gallery i’m trying to load into a flash website

gallery.swf is loading XML, some images and thumbnails.

with the load movie command…the XML, the thumbnails, the images, gallery.swf and main.swf all need to be in the exact same directory for some reason.

i am loading these into an empty movie clip on the main time line.

i even tried loading the gallery into a seperate .swf and having that loaded into the next level, it works fine to load the gallery into the other .swf, but when i try to load the other swf into a level on the main timeline, it doesn’t work. why does it all have to be in the same directory?

the problem is that i have multiple galleries and i hate to dump all this in the main directory, why can’t i get this to load from other directories? like… photography/gallery.swf ?

so, it works like this:


this, however will not work. why?


any help appreciated.