Gallery trouble, works in ie, but not FF or opera


ok, not sure how simple this is, but ive made a gallery, loosely based on the kirupa one. basically, I have a border that resizes, then the image shows in it. This all works fine in IE, but when it is viewed in FF and Opera, the box does not resize, it goes all small. Hard to explain lol. here are some links;

the actual flash page:

the files

Here is the code in question for the resizing:

function resizeMe(w, h){
    mc_border._visible = true;
    var speed = 3;
    _root.mc_image._alpha = 0;
    mc_border.onEnterFrame = function(){
        this._width += (w - this._width)/speed;
        this._height += (h - this._height)/speed;
            this._width = w;
            this._height = h;
            _root.mc_image._x = this._x - this._width/2 + spacing/2;
            _root.mc_image._y = this._y - this._height/2 + spacing/2;
            _root.mc_image._alpha = 100;
            delete mc_border.onEnterFrame;

Ive got to have this in for a deadline on Monday :frowning:

If anyone can help, it’d be greatly appreciated!