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How would i go about making a game like tekken or something like that?

  1. You’ll need the characters. Resting image. Moving forward image, back, jumping, crouching, kicking.

  2. Do the key strokes, (you may want to use an array to determine certain special move key combos).

When you have the character(s) moving smoothly then, worry about the rest.

I’ll post some useful links in a sec. Unless you’ve plenty of game making experience already, don’t take a project like that.

First question: do you know anything about Actionscript??

Actually, yes, make that the first question.

Did anyone check out that link by the way? The game is very smooth.

Im not that good at actionscript…All i wanted to know was how i would go about starting a game like it and if there any tutorials on the subject because i cant sem to find any…

I tried that link you pu on here and it was amazing!! Its unbelievably smooth and the graphics are great too!!

Thanks for replying to my post…

Wow! That’s amazing! I was about to post a link because I thought it was amazing, but this is 10 times better!

Here it is anyway.

pom :asian:

That game you put a link up for was amazing!!! Do you know of any sites that could help with the programming(actionscript)? Im not too worried about the animation and how it looks but the programming(actionscript) is the one thing i need help with…

Thanks for replying with such a great game…

I played that game before (ilyaslamasse’s one) and the super cross over fighter, both the coding is smoooth.

Start with simple games.

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Check out the games forum at flashkit - you’ll learn alot about games actionscript.

I don’t know how may Kirupa members are interesting in games, but (here we go again) sent a tut to Kirupa but I didn’t hear anything so I presume he doesn’t want to put it up.

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Tutes about games basics would be great! What’s yours about?

Games :slight_smile:

I did harass his mailbox a little (1 email) but I’ll try a form of carpet harrassing…

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