Game - Shadow Complex

I just wanted to let you guys know that if you have an Xbox 360 you need to purchase this game.

The story isn’t that bad the graphics are amazing and the gameplay is the love child of Castlevania Symphony of the knight, Super Metroid and a bit of Contra.

I just can’t explain how good this game is I played for 6 hours straight last night beat the game but missed like 40% of the items so I’m going back tonight to try and finish getting them all.

The weapons, the suit power ups and all the sidescrolling shooting actions is just fantastic, it feels like a modern day super metroid.

This is hands down the best XBLA game I’ve ever played and the best looking one as well, its better than many actual retail games that have come out this year, this game should be XBLA game of the year hands down.

Here’s some screenshot pr0n