[Game site] CAP: O website + game info

Create a pet: online (unofficial name for now)


in this game you can either treat to your newly created pet to some care and nourishment or adopt one to do the same

certain pets will be allowed to follow you into the RPG half of the game as a mount or a helper for RPG battles

the website is a bit bare right now, but as you can see its still in the beginning stage

i’ll post a preview of my game as soon as i figure out how to make the item inventory engine work properly

CAP:O planned/done features
-save a pet icon for forums aswell as doing the same for your own character
-adult pets able to fight alongside you in the battle rpg half of the game
-identify monsters for gold
-donation to the site will give you special item of the month
-donation amount will be added to your account as a special stat bonus (shhh… its a secret :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
-forum posts will also be added as some sort of bonus in-game
-customize pet & character either for style or for battle

battle system concepts

concept 1:
player moves on a grid battling with cards (go lookup ‘inuyasha demon tournament’ flash game)

concept 2:
Final fantasy styled battle engine with a few twists of my own, a player can wear a combination of items to unlock special abilities, pressing the attack button at a certain time of attack can produce a combo attack (think SMRPG ;3 )

concept 3:
freeroam over the field much like tales of symphonia, though due to complexity of this idea perhaps there will be an stamina gauge for how many attacks/movements you can make within a period of time