Create a Pet: Online [need artists please]

heh, its more of a flash and a php file right now

but i plan to make a full game out of this

it saves and logs pet creation

i can ban people who make too many pets and i plan to put in a NPC someplace

i need some artists for this game ^^; i can’t do all the art by myself i have loads of other things i must do

create a pet current features:
-save pet created in flash
-view pet page
-automated pet list

planned features:
-registration/login system (need help for this desperately)
-some sort of Currency system
-minigames with created pets
-maybe chat?

need artists for:
-npc designs
-pet model designs (rather than the old Dragon model)
-menu designs(like news box, top frame graphics, etc)

anybody volunteering to help?