hi, I new here :slight_smile:

this forum has been very helpfull for me this year :smiley: :smiley: so I signed up for this forum to show you what I’ve been doing with the information I find here :slight_smile:

I study web and interactive design at the royal academy of fine arts in ghent ,Belgium.
I made a game and I need [COLOR=DarkRed]1000[/COLOR] visitors.

It’s a clicking game that the player creates when clicking. You enter the page (it’s in dutch but it’s easy to understand). You choose left (links) or right (rechts). then you see 2 numbers: you have to keep clicking until you get to a page where noboby has been before ( a 0 0 page) When you reach that page you have to keep clicking so the person who visits after you has to keep searching because you made it harder and longer for that person. it’s a never ending story :stuck_out_tongue: long live php and mysql

if you want you can forward it to your friends :slight_smile:

if I wasn’t alowed to post this I’m sorry.:rich: